AI Risk management

The advent of AI technology has presented new opportunities for organisations to optimise their operations, improve decision-making processes, and enhance customer experiences. However, with these benefits come new risks that businesses must consider to ensure the secure and responsible use of AI.

Security concerns surrounding AI systems are not the same as those of traditional IT solutions. Attacks on AI systems can take on unique forms such as data poisoning, model stealing, model repurposing, and adversarial attacks. The trend towards outsourcing AI solutions to third-party vendors has also led to the emergence of new risks related to third-party and supply chain management for companies. Furthermore, the responsible use of AI has become a pressing concern for businesses, driven by the expectations of stakeholders including customers, employees, and government entities. The technology has brought to the forefront various ethical concerns such as the potential impact on employment opportunities and exacerbation of social inequalities and historical biases. These risks are further compounded by the context in which the machine learning models are deployed. As a result, it is incumbent upon businesses to be cognisant of these risks and ensure that their AI systems align with their core values and principles.

SecAIS offers tailored AI risk management consultancy to help your organisation systematically identify, analyse, and mitigate risks throughout the AI lifecycle. For large enterprises, organizations with operations in the EU, or those who have an established risk management framework, SecAIS will work with you to develop and implement an AI-specific framework based on widely recognized industry standards such as NIST, ISO/IEC or the OECD guidelines.

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We provide a simplified framework for small to medium-sized businesses operating solely in Australia or those seeking a more straightforward approach. This framework is built on the guidelines of the risk assessment framework introduced by a hyperscale organisation and enables us to conduct risk assessment on your AI systems.