AI Governance

In today’s business landscape where AI is widely used to generate new revenue streams, improve customer experience, and reduce costs, it is vital to establish robust governance and compliance processes to ensure transparency, data privacy, uphold ethical standards, and establish trust.

AI governance refers to the set of policies, procedures, and practices that SecAIS will introduce to your organisation to manage the design, deployment, and use of AI technologies. We will establish frameworks and guidelines to ensure that your AI solutions are aligned with your business objectives and are developed, commissioned, and monitored in a responsible, ethical, and transparent manner. Our AI governance model covers the entire AI lifecycle and also considers third-party and supply chain concerns. Our goal is to ensure that your organisation maximises the benefits of AI while minimising its risks and negative impacts.

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We believe in a collaborative approach that considers both your business objectives and the context in which your AI model(s) will operate. Our comprehensive governance framework is structured in three layers: environmental, organisational, and AI system, each comprising a set of governance components and processes that are linked to the six stages of the AI product lifecycle.

To support organisations operating in complex industries and multiple jurisdictions, we offer a tailored Governance framework based on the Artificial Intelligence Governance and Auditing (AIGA) project. This approach enables us to map 67 AI governance tasks to the eight stages of the OECD’s AI system lifecycle framework, providing a consistent and transparent approach for businesses operating within the EU.

We provide a simplified framework for small to medium-sized businesses operating solely in Australia or those seeking a more straightforward approach. This framework is built on the guidelines of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and can encompass up to seven functions.

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