We build a brighter future for all by fostering the secure and ethical use of AI

We build a brighter future for all by fostering the secure and ethical use of AI

We are dedicated to providing comprehensive services and resources that enable our clients to responsibly navigate the AI landscape and create value that leads to greater prosperity, sustainability, and well-being for all.

Impactful AI starts with the right strategy

89% of organisations do not have the right tools to secure AI
Nearly half of AI models do not reach production
41% of organisations experienced an AI-related security incident

Imagine a future where your business thrives with the power of AI technologies that are deployed with confidence, free from concerns about security breaches, ethical dilemmas, and privacy issues. At SecAIS, we’re passionate about empowering organisations to make this vision a reality.

According to Gartner’s research, almost half of AI models never reach production due to security, ethics, or privacy concerns. Shockingly, 41% of organisations using AI have already experienced an AI-related privacy breach or security incident. Microsoft’s research shows that only 11% of organisations surveyed have the right tools to secure their machine learning systems. Here in Australia, the National Artificial Intelligence centre produced a report outlining that almost 60% of decision-makers express concerns about new security threats, poor data quality, and privacy concerns as the main barriers to adopting AI. With the industry data as our guide, we understand the critical need to prioritise AI security and compliance to succeed in the fast-paced world of business today.

Our expert team provides tailored solutions that ensure the secure and responsible deployment of AI in your business. We invite you to join us on this exciting journey towards a safer and more prosperous future with AI.

  • 1. We collaborate with your organisation to gain a deep understanding of its goals and objectives.

  • 2. We work closely with you to develop a secure and responsible AI strategy.

  • 3.  We assist you in creating a fitting AI governance model that aligns with your organisation’s needs.

  • 4.  We incorporate regulatory compliance requirements into your organisation’s AI governance model.

  • 5.  We help assess and manage risks associated with your AI environment.

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